FPS Games Are In A Strange Place Right Now

First-person multiplayer shooters are in a strange place right now, it’s time to talk about recent changes to Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Fortnite.

Multiplayer shooters are in a strange place right now. We’ve seen some fascinating recent…

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  1. I personally really want to like battlefield, but with how the fans and people who bought the game are essentially being treated by the company it makes it hard to do so. By delaying things, and taking so long fixing things that should have been fixed at launch. It alienates myself and the rest of the fanbase.

  2. Maybe its just me, remember when we used to play certain games all the time because they were actually fun?! Now they're all built around some grindy/skeezy in game economy/battle pass system to keep people hooked and give them a reason to play. I think if devs worked on the fun factor and making games more immersive and engaging then people would play if just for that reason.

    I remember when the original halo came out. My friends and I would stay up all night playing that day after day – the good ole days

  3. I feel so bad for the game community right now. I started to play battlefield in 2018. It is a great game. F1 too. But what they did in this last year make me think we are in a serious trouble. Microtransactions, unpolished games, content less, high price, and low improvement. The core of this product named as game seems to be gone. Today the place where i am working, my full job, isn't that far from this big companies. It is all about greed.

  4. When newer, inexperienced devs are expected to achieve the legendary status older devs brought franchises like CoD, Halo, Battlefield, etc to, it shouldn't be mine blowing that a game is either behind schedule, buggy as ever, or both. Gaming needs to have a balance between business and passion, otherwise that's how big franchises still go down the drain.

  5. if you ask me, as a longtime fan of Battlefield, I think the lack of veteran devs who know Frostbite from back during the bf3 days, left during the 2042 development cycle and didn't leave enough experienced Frostbite DICE devs to assist the new guys.

    Thus some of the bugs.

  6. Imagine talking about FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS and mentioning Fortnite but not even looking at some really good FPS games. Gamespot "journalism" at its finest.

  7. Give me a Fortnite sequel or spin-off that is a third person replacement of everything people love about old Battlefield. I think a cartoon art style with a gritty military vibe could be awesome, and even remind us of the tone of Bad Company a bit.

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