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Forgive Me Father Review

Developer Byte Barrel had lofty ambitions when it came to its latest retro-styled FPS, Forgive Me Father, hoping to find a winning formula between the cosmic horror stylings of H.P. Lovecraft and the chaotic FPS genre that demands exciting moment-to-moment thrills. With comic book-inspired visuals, a guitar-centric soundtrack that punctuates every demonic sound and gunshot, and gunplay that’s responsive and utterly satisfying, Forgive Me Father is indeed a title that’s sure to please not just long-time FPS lovers, but also players who can’t resist such a wonderful marriage of ideas.

The game opens on a narrated sequence that looks as though it popped right out of a graphic novel. The premise is simple: a cousin sends a foreboding message beckoning for help as his hometown has been plagued by mysterious, dark circumstances—indecipherable voices ringing in people’s ears, dark, ghoulish figures roaming the streets at night—and he can only trust one person and one person alone. Forgive Me Father wastes absolutely no time from then on, presenting players with a pistol, some surrounding lore, and a banging on the office door straight ahead.
The moment that door swings open, a ghoul—one of the many enemy types players will put an end to—rushes in, and players will be introduced to the game’s phenomenal sound design. Whether it is footsteps, gunshots, weather effects, or the groans and howls of the damned, everything in Forgive Me Father sounds dreadful in the best possible way. Players will walk through brightly-lit office hallways, creepy forests, graveyards and crypts, and many other varied locations. There’s not a single dull level of the 25 in the game, and as impressive as the environments are, the enemy designs are even better.

Anyone familiar with anything Cthulhu or Lovecraft will come to appreciate the many different enemy types and variations. Ghouls, wretches, fish people,…


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