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Evil Dead: The Game – Exclusive Survivor Gameplay (4K)

To kick off our exclusive coverage of Evil Dead: The Game, we’re giving you an in-depth look at the asymetric multiplayer title’s survivor gameplay and discussing our hands-on impressions!

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  1. It's almost a copy of "dead by daylight", only with the presence of AI opponents.
    It's a pity that this is another cooperative, multiplayer PvPvE game, and not a full-fledged single-player project.

  2. This looks like it can be a popular game if streamers get into it from the start as streamers carry huge live following. Regardless gonna be a lotta fun

  3. The game looks extremely polished actually, but might run into some serious trouble in the beginning due to balancing, the survivors seem to be way overpowered from the footage I've seen.

  4. I cant understand why everybody is so excited about playing this clone of Dead by Daylite? I would better play this quality game in single mode! like a normal AAA project. Eveil dead is one of my favourite unvierses all the time but will not buy this Online coop game even for collection! i want a single-mode company.

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