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Evil Dead: The Game – Exclusive Demon Gameplay (4K)

We’ve seen how the living do it, but what about the other side? Join GI for another exclusive 4K look at Evil Dead: The Game, but this time from the perspective of the Demon who’s hunting Ash and his group of survivors. Does it pay to be bad?…

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  1. loved the game, got it on pre-order already, but this dev dude is a moron, doesn't even know the name of the series?! And the guy playing wont hit anyone ever. nice going with this exclusivity, great marketing team

  2. now the screwheads whining about "wE wAnT gAmePlAy!" can finally shut it. XD

    The map shown here looks really cool. Wasn't expecting this for the map that has the cabin.

    May 13th can't come any sooner

  3. Demon character models look badass and graphics are sweet overall but cant this style/genre of game myself they need make a hoardmode game 2 late for a mode now surely

  4. The animations look awesome! And you can possess the Oldsmobile like in the show! Maybe even while someone is driving, going all Death Proof on they butts!

  5. no more creepy atmosphere anymore. Just one more game about something, just change scenes and characters and it will be any other game in this setting. It would be better if they made a good old horror in first movie parts

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