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Evil Dead: The Game Cover Reveal And Andrew Shouldice On Tunic | GI Show

Join us on this week’s GI Show, where we sit down with Andrew Shouldice to discuss the creation of Tunic, give you our hands-on impressions of Evil Dead: The Game, and so much more!

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  1. Can't wait to play evil dead man. I'm a big evil dead fan and I really like these asymmetric games so I'm so excited to see how this game expands on this emerging formula.

  2. Hunt: Showdown has an odd place in my heart. I absolutely love the game overall, but I play on console and the controls are beyond crap there. So many games do smooth gamepad controls, I just don't understand why they struggle so much.

  3. I wonder if he only played this game against AI killers. I played the game for an entire weekend with the beta and the killers were definitely not weak. They honestly were pretty OP, only got a handful of wins as survivor compared to killer. Deadites are not zombies either lol.

  4. "The map is so big you need a car"
    Great.. another one of these guys… is there anything cool in this big map or is it just big for no reason.

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