Evil Dead: The Game Captures The Horror And Humor Of Chainsawing Deadites

We played about an hour of Evil Dead: The Game with the developers recently and got a first-hand sense of how the game is balanced to capture the same feel of the movies and TV show–that the humans will kick Deadite ass, and that the Kandarian…

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  1. Kind of looks like (Dead By Daylight / Friday the 13th / Evolve (almost) / whatever your favourite one is) meets Left 4 Dead. If it can be both terrifying, and hilarious, I'm definitely buying it.

  2. This is neat: The usual asymmetrical horror game, but with the action of Left 4 Dead versus mode and the objective-based tug-of-war of a MOBA.

    Too bad it's Epic Launcher exclusive….

  3. Not a very good review I mean how many maps are there, is there cosmetics, How long is the matches, can you choose if you want to be Survivor or Killer and others things need answered please??????

  4. I kinda like games like these but man it's such a subject of,if there's 1 character/weapon/item/spell that's broken AF games like this falls apart and no longer becomes fun

  5. I feel like is more of an action game than a horror game. I was hoping like dead by day light where you have to hide, but when it comes to fighting back you have that option as well. Idk yah can disagree. I love the feeling of running away, hiding and completing the objective while getting chased by a monster or w.e. I hope later on they will be different game modes.

  6. As a HUGE Evil Dead fan I was expecting it to be allot like Dead By Daylight and what we’re getting is soooooooo much more than what I expected! I can’t wait to play this the day it comes out! It’s gonna be GROOOOOOOVY

  7. kinda sounds like zombie master, an old half life 2 mod I used to play as a kid on steam. Very fun game. my favorite map was noodle 🙂
    the zombie master would spawn zombies with his credits (hordes ,or tanky ones ,or fast high damage ones) so it was like an rts for the zombie master and all survivors were FPS. There were traps he could turn on or off or change, and a part of this specific map that was platforming on noodle strings while the zombie master would throw cars at you. Very fun game

  8. This looks like it might definitely be a fun multiplayer mode, but as a standalone title? Where is my story-driven next-gen Evil Dead game?

    I could easily see such a game running on an engine like this, playing something like The Evil Within 2 & the newer God of War games. But you're shying away the single player demographic that expects an Evil Dead game to be a single-player, story-driven, action-adventure game.

  9. oh fck thats pretty.. but gonna buy only if there will be alteast glimpse of season 4.. futuristic post apo.. or atleast dlc.. it looked so promising..

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