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Evil Dead: The Game: 62 Rapid-Fire Questions With Bruce Campbell

The one and only Bruce Campbell is here for a Rapid-Fire interview! We’re grilling The Chin on everything from Evil Dead: The Game to his time as an actor, and so much more!

PSA: There’s some explicit language in today’s video.

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  1. I met Bruce a couple of years back. Told him his tutorial voice over in the Spider-Man games that mocked me made me laugh and tormented me at the same time. He said that was his sole reason on this earth was to bring torment. Cool dude.

  2. Pikachu would just shoot 1000 volts through to Ash Williams chainsaw straight through to his heart so no I don’t think Bruce is right that Ash Williams would win against pikachu lol 💯👍🏼

  3. I have already preordered the game. I can't wait to get groovy and chop up some deadite douchebags. It is a shame to see that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell aren't friends anymore. without them, we would've never gotten the Evil Dead franchise. I suspect we wouldn't have gotten Hercules or Xena either. I loved both of those shows as I'm a huge fan of Greek Mythology, and I'm of course a massive fan of the Evil Dead franchise.

  4. Still super bummed we'll never get to see Ash in live action. Ill be damned though if I didn't pre-order this game the second it became available. Easily my favorite horror franchise

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