Everything New In Black Desert Online's Eternal Winter Expansion

(Presented by Pearl Abyss) Blizzards? Check. A sick new player class? Check. A fox sherpa? Check. Black Desert Online’s new Eternal Winter (free) update has something for everyone, even if you’ve never played the hugely popular MMO before….

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  1. Is the Expansion Even for Ps5? I just cannot create a drakanian oder Even dl eternal Winter Edition 💁🏼‍♂️

  2. This game is free on steam with no subscription to play wont hurt to try it completely free. You can even claim free dlc to get an outfit and other free items on steam

  3. This is why you dont let the goat guard the oats. (Presented by Pearl Abyss) Yeah… that much was obvious from how much they were patting themselves on the shoulder.

  4. The only thing that makes you "busy for years" in BDO is RNG gear enchants. Its better not talk about the other issues… lol Oh no… I must say this one for sure… P2W! 😉

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