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Episode 600 And Dan Tack Says Goodbye | GI Show

Join us on a special episode of The Game Informer Show, where we celebrate our 600th episode and Dan Tack’s career as he heads off to an exciting new future!

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  1. dammmmn the legends keep leaving. Tack leaving right after eldin ring makes sense, he hyped up then reviewed the best game of all time and dropped the mic

  2. Man I'm going to miss Dan and I would also like to thank him for partly getting me into Souls games. His Elden Ring cover story made me put it on my 'maybe' list of games to get this year. Then the 10 pretty much sold me. I bought Elden Ring and started playing Bloodborne (which had always interested me but I could never get around to playing as the difficulty scared me off). I'm 10 hours into it and loving it!

  3. We'll miss you Dan Tack!!! You always brought a unique perspective and personality to the podcast, replays, and other videos. Best of luck in your new adventures!!!

  4. I’m really going to miss Dan. I always valued his insight into game design and general gameplay. Best of luck to him and I can’t wait to see what he does next!

  5. The final nail in the coffin. Had a great time with you guys over the years but now that Dan is gone it's time to hit that old dusty trail

  6. I'm gonna miss Dan on the GI show a lot. one of my favorites ever to do it, gonna be weird without him on replay. Good thing he'll still be streaming every night, but im really gonna miss most the dynamic he has with every other coworker here at GI.

  7. I've been a fan of gameinforner and replay since 2012 when I was 14 and it's been sad seeing all these people I grew up watching slowly trickle away

  8. Dan Tack leaving is gonna be even worse than some others that left in the past (you know who they were…) This is just going to be soo sad ;/ Still, best of luck to Dan, as always.

  9. Dan Tack is gone too? Most of the sites i watched for a big chunk of my life are almost unrecognizable now a days. Damn Dan i hope your new adventure is fruitful im so sad lol but happy for you.

  10. Half-life 1, Starcraft 1, Warcraft 3 will never get old for me. I can play those forever. Which is cool, cus now we can play them in 4K and even 8K. They just look better with time lol.

    P.s. Well not Starcraft 1, that 1 is stuck to that old resolution.

  11. @58:30

    I actually started watching the Halo show just to be part of the podcast. Never really played past Halo 3 and not fully invested in the story. Been entertaining for me and my wife who hasn't played the games at all.

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