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Elden Ring patch fixes boss bug that made Malenia even harder, PS5 VRR Support Is Already Out Without An Update. 
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According to the 1.04 patch notes, this new update “fixed a bug with Malenia in which her HP was…

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  1. Wow. People whined and cried that hard that they are giving the cry babies “easy mode” in the form of nerfing bosses. I was a dex, incantation user when i fought her the first time and beat her second try. Didnt even use bleed, or cheesy mechanics. I literally used dual wield of HER swords, and used the bloodhound fangs with bloodhound step, and spammed bloodhound step when she used her weapon art, then kept slashing her with her own swords, beat her second try… people need to get better at the game, learn the movesets and telegraph the bosses attacks (which is super easy because most bosses moves are super easy to tell because of them telegraphing each attack so much) and learn when and where to dodge and to not be greedy because bosses become dangerous when they are very low health…..

  2. I always turn off motion blur and depth of field as well as other post processing effects like Lens Flare, Vignette, Chromatic Aberration, etc. Games try and replicate the look of images seen through a (film) camera lens when that's not what a flat monitor is. It's all personal preference, but sometimes these effects can effect performance if they're not optimized, properly.

  3. I actually found her to be easy probably not the right word but I killed her first time will help from my mimic summon of course and was level 200 but I found the final two story bosses harder took me 6 go’s at it was level 170 at that time.

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