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An item in Elden Ring is causing 180 day bans, Let Me Solo Her becomes a summon mod and Battlefield 2042’s 4.0 update gets patch notes and a release date
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These forbidden undies are a piece of leg armor…

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  1. This is the stupidest thing ever why ban people for something so dumb that doesn’t hurt anyone i mean if it’s that big a deal just make it where you can’t get it completely remove the code from the game so it just doesn’t exist anymore or just let the people that payed for the game play however they want instead of how the developers want

  2. No amount of minor tweaks would ever bring me back to 2042. I would need to see an enormous content overhaul before I considered it.

  3. 2042 is going to need a season pass with new maps new ops and a rework of the class system apparently op-oriented approach some people didn't like i didn't mind it but if you're going to do it that way you need to be keeping the ops coming like r6 siege. why did they take these panty's out were they to revealing?

  4. if there is a classic class system in bf 2042, or a portal game mode where you play as a bot model instead of the specialist, i think that gonna be perfect

  5. Bouth stories are the main reason I never pay for online games. I don't want to lose my account or save because of a hacker or an error in the game

  6. I always laugh to myself when people say Letmesoloher is helping people 😂 he does it for them, I hardly call that helping 😅
    Kudos to the dude tho. I'm trying to solo her now with my fashion souls/elden bling build, and it is haaard!

  7. Now they've just got to lure all those players back to engage in Battlefield 2042. Question is will it be yet more of a Bugged out mess than at launch.

  8. 2042 is dead and buried. There really isn't anything they can do with that game to bring me back. It's fundamentally flawed with it's specialist system.

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