Dune Spice Wars Hands-on Preview

The 1965 sci-fi novel Dune is enduring for a lot reasons. It takes place in a world rife with political intrigue and fearsome spycraft, where trust is just as valuable as the spice found on the planet Arrakis. That makes Dune fertile ground for…

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  1. Oh heard about this and just presumed it would be an RTS. It should be an RTS. This is just a Humankind reskin.

  2. This game looks bad. Not graphically, just gameplay looks baaad. I say this as a massive RTS fan whos played most the big games since the 90s.

  3. My thought is it would have been interesting if the Smugglers and Fremen had a completely different way of winning and playing! Seems odd the Fremen mining spice etc or the Smugglers openly capturing villages (controlling them by influence or maybe like the Skaven in TW:WH).

  4. I love Shiro games. Northguard was great, but their War Tales, which I assume they are developing along side this Dune game, because it is in Early Access too, is such a great game. I will totally be checking this out.

  5. Hmm. Just seems like an attempt by a pretty common style of RTS to use the IP as a skin… I’ll wait until the REAL Dune RTS come out, the one made my massive Dune nerds and filled with love and passion

  6. Strategy 4x // More like 4X and very , very , very little strategy … I'm a big fan of Dune 2000 and Emperor Battle for Dune … This one … Just a bad joke … ?

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