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Diablo Immortal PC First Look – Gameplay + Interview

Diablo Immortal was revealed by Blizzard Entertainment four years ago, in 2018, and when it was announced, it was said to be a mobile-only game for iOS and Android devices. That remained the case for quite some time, but in recent betas, the team…

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  1. I don’t really get it for PC. It kind of seems like a D3 clone for mobile. On PC, diablo 3 seems like the slicker experience.

  2. I hope the PC version has an option to put the skill icons in the bottom mid. That right side design is going to create eye problems.

  3. Looking at the gameplay one thing is obvious to me. Why is this not coming to Nintendo Switch? It looks like an perfect game for Switch.

  4. DONT YOU GUYS HAVE PHONES? OR WHITE MALE PRIVILEGE TO ABUSE CO-WORKERS AND WOMEN??? this comppany is joke and this fucking game too, total trash,skinswap from another p2w clone

  5. "We don't want to be a game where you pick a different class for every activity"

    So basically, you don't want to be a Diablo game. I am excited for Diablo on phone, but this is such a smoothbrain decision it's just laughable. Being able to play as multiple classes is the core Diablo experience. One day I feel like playing a Barb, another day I want to light stuff on fire with a Sorceress. This is what happens when designers are not fans of the franchise.

  6. "We want to reach more people so we will be releasing this mobile first game on PC too" Well I think its more that China is not allowing new game releases, cracking down on game time and everything else that hampers GREATLY of making money from mobile player whales so now they are trying to save some face. Just someone be god damn effin honest please. There is enough BS in the world. I would support people more when they say things as they actually are!

  7. People don't hate Blizzard because it was just on mobile.
    People hate Blizzard because they were disingenuous and acted like their players would just be honoured to play any game they release even though everyone has their preferences.

    …. And many other things but we're talking about Diablo: Immortal now.

  8. Thanks for this info, now I know that Diablo 2 still has no real sequel and I stay with D2R.
    At least we still have that.

  9. This looks like trash what have they done to diablo this is something I never thought blizzard would do hope diablo 4 saves this franchise

  10. Camera seems to be just a little too near, kinda breaks immersion for me. I like to see more of the landscape while playing it. Maybe it is so because it is a mobile game.

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