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Chrono Cross Remaster | New Gameplay Today

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition is nearly here, and we’re giving you an early look at all the new additions on this episode of New Gameplay Today!

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  1. Just play the PSX version with fan-made patch… Runs at stable 60fps and looks almost identical to this cheap cashgrab.

  2. When they announced this remaster I couldn't believe it. Then they said it will be available on all consoles. I never thought I would get to play this game again. I'm so happy about this. I will be buying and playing a.s.a.p.

  3. I’m newish to JRPG final fantasy 15 was my first then own other final fantasy games, love the tales of Vesperia, berseria and arise is so good, also enjoying shining resonance refrain too great games. Also have Star ocean last hope 4K remaster I’m so sorry I was late to the JRPG genre it’s so good characters worlds stories immersion etc etc. should I take a look into this game? Or it’s only for hardcore JRPG fans? Thank you for the video.

    Also any other JRPG I should look into for Xbox series X, Xbox 360, ps4 pro and original ps3 thank you 😊

  4. The Vita made this portable for 10 bucks years ago. The portability is not, at all, new. The Switch is just the popular kid who's late to the party.

  5. Hahaha something possessed me to play my original CC physical about 2 hrs ago.. I remember starting it oh some two-ish decades ago after going back and forth between deciding on this or FFIX back in the day..

    It def seems like a stellar classic and it’s prequel Chrono Trigger was the first rpg I had ever made to the end.. Prolly the only downside to all these epic classical RPGs is you just need lots of time to put into them..

  6. Then don't be offended that you are called idiots who praise crap and buy it for a huge amount of money. This remaster isn't worth the money, because it's a slight tweak to the graphics, which can be tweaked with the Duckstation emulator and tweaked even better. The blurry 3-d backgrounds, is that even normal? Thanks, I'll wait until this piece of crap can be spun.

  7. People complaining about $20 are cheap lol. Crying about a measly $20 is pathetic and so are you. God forbid you support the company

  8. Buncha cheapskates in this thread. Wow you guys need to get better jobs cause $20 is cheap lol my god you bums

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