Chrono Cross Original vs Remaster Graphics Comparison

How does the recent Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition stack up to the original PlayStation release? Spoilers, a lot.


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  1. Ждем ремастер от моддеров ,ну и нудмод для Харли … старая графика бросится в глаза только на современном тв/мониторе , если играть на оригинальном железе и со старым телевизором разницы с ремастером в графике не увидеть … зато еще и ламповости добавится.

  2. I own both versions of this and I've played it on an emulator. The new version suffers from distortion when in wide screen plus an emulated version with an openGL filter looks better in my opinion.

  3. I'll give 5 bucks for this.
    Oh, wait, it's Cross, not Trigger. I retract my statement. $0,05 and not a cent more.

  4. 7:35 – are you sure we have "remaster" version on the right? Because I'm certain that curtains on the left look much better. Also, you lost part of the plant on the right (look at the upper left leaf, its tip is floating in the air)

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