Best Xbox Game Pass Games To Play Right Now

Big new releases seem few and far between these days, but there’s still plenty to play, especially if you’ve got Xbox Game Pass. Here are 8 games to check out if you’re subscribed to Microsoft’s service.

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  1. Snowrunner, Lonely Mountains, Deep Rock Galactic, Psyconauts are my smaller gems.

    Sea of Thieves, Minecraft, Dishonored, Back for Blood, Age of Empires 4, Doom Franchise, Forza Franchise, Halo Franchise some of the more obvious ones.

  2. Wait what does Kurt think about Alan Wake? I missed it. Can y’all please bring back The Lobby. I would love to see you and Kurt and others talk about games again. I miss Jake Dekker. He will have to come back as a guest of course.

  3. I’m absolutely gonna recommend Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s absurdly good for what otherwise seemed like a cheap Marvel IP flaunting cash grab. You can tell genuine effort was put into it.

  4. lost in random is hands down one of the best recent gamepass games I felt like i was playing a nightmare before Christmas type game never dipped in entertainment

  5. Don't touch 7 days to die. It's years out of date.
    I don't understand why Xbox even allowed this came on gamepass. So many bugs it's unreal.
    No updates in years.
    This is a big L for Xbox pass.

  6. Can anyone tell me, if I'm playing a game that gets took off game pass, even if I'm willing to buy the game, do I lose all progress I've made on it when it gets removed? Replaying san Andreas now and it's just went into the 'Leaving' category

  7. I can't believe that fifa is on ps plus but not on ea play for gamepass yet a subscription service you pay for each month that's disgusting

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