Apex Legends: Saviors – Official Cinematic Trailer

Check out what’s coming next in Apex Legends with the reveal of Newcastle (Bangalore’s brother Jackson), the next legend! Learn more in the coming days when the next Story from the Outlands drops as well on April 28th, 2022.


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  1. I'm sorry to say but I'm not excited for this update at all, the designs and ideas seem to have no inspiration or any cool ideas behind them.
    Instead of making a new character every season why don't you guys slow down and try to fix or even expand on the content you already have? Just throwing more stuff at us wont necessarily make the fan base happy.

  2. If you agree with me then that’s good
    Apex please go back to the old studio I know I costs more but please we want the best and look forward to it this studio did not even know how to shoot some guns and the models look so fake please apex listen to the community

  3. So I’m just now realizing the pathfinder he helped wasnt on their team, does that mean newcastle will be able to heal anyone? Cus that a good way to farm damage

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