9 Easy Tricks To Defeat BOTW Minibosses

The past 5 years have given players time to come up with complicated glitches to take out Breath of the Wild foes in style, but instead we’re dialing it back a bit, and going with the easiest, simplest tricks to take on minibosses.

Tricks such…

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  1. Nice having a slightly more "normal" video as well as a break from all the stuff that "literally" breaks the game. I also much prefer in-universe cheese to stuff which is only possible by abusing the code.

  2. I just bought a switch a couple days ago in new to Nintendo, I'm currently playing BOTW can I get some tips. I keep dying in like 1 hit and everywhere I go I seem to get lost. What should I do in the beginning of the game?

  3. One thing for things that u didn’t know videos: guardian’s bodies can be sidehop bullet timed. Threat means you can tcr them

  4. I sympathise with the Hinox. Abruptly woken from a nap and then subjected to a series of elemental attacks. Bet he didn’t expect the day to end so badly.

  5. Probably a bit tricky for new players to pull off until you get the timing down, but the best way to fight the Guardian Stalkers is with a shield for the parry, to reflect their laser back at them.

    Another thing I recommend is trying to get the Flamebreaker armor early (and boosting it to Level 2), since the Guardians often set the grass on fire.

  6. Most of the tips #3 and beyond in the middle of the video don’t really count as these are just glitches, but whatever, some people like to copy glitches. It’s more fun to try the other tips that were intentionally designed in the game.

  7. I like killing lynels the most (just learned sbr + tcr so it's easier) because their loot is (kind of) the best you can get. That's why i marked every single lynel on the map to find them when i want more savage lynel shields and stuff.

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