7 Worlds We Want in Kingdom Hearts 4

With the 20th Anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, Square Enix has just unveiled the exciting news that Kingdom Hearts IV is in development, and we even saw a Kingdom Hearts IV trailer. Kingdom Heart’s 4th installment already has some interesting…

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  1. Imagine a Coco world in KH4 exploring the theme of “being remembered when you’re gone so you can essentially live forever”. That’s sure to hit the spot with characters like the Sea Salt Trio 😭

  2. I could imagine Treasure Planet and Robin Hood where they have original stories like how Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and Big Hero 6 were treated in KH3.

  3. Star wars would fit to kh lore very very poorly and I really hope that they don't ruin storytelling by putting star wars in kh just because it's star wars.

  4. If nomura adds an avengers world set in new york (or a world based on new york) we should also get characters from Parasite Eve

  5. Terrible and nonsense list.
    Why skip all the Disney movies for non-Disney?
    Turning Red
    Frozen II
    Are the most likely.
    Return of the Jedi confirmed.

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