23 MORE Things You STILL Didn't Know In Zelda Breath Of The Wild

Its been a whole year since we first started, thank you all for sticking around! This time we’ll be escaping the earthly borders of Hyrule, super swimming through water, and finding out the only way to break metal treasure chests.

In the video…

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  1. A nice little detail that I really like:
    NPCs in towns typically go to sleep at night. In Rito Village, the adults sleep in the hammocks hanging above the rooms they're found in. The kids sleep in hammocks near the floor.
    If you're in the village at night, you can climb the rock wall in the center and see a few adult NPCs sleeping, namely Saki and the two adult sisters.

    It's a cute detail, I really like it.

  2. I Haven’t beaten any of the first bosses because I can’t get stronger! I’m stuck on the boss inside the Mechanical elephant because I can’t figure out how to complete any temples to increase my stats!

  3. Did you know about the Zora’s Domain lynel’s ability to teleport?? I ran away from it and it teleported to my location and kept fighting me. I didn’t think it could leave the hilltop

  4. I can't believe how much stuff people are still figuring out about this game. Just goes to show the ridiculous amount of work Nintendo put into making this their most immersive game ever. Hopefully BoTW 2 will live up to it!

  5. The Sidon one I found out by mistake when I wind bombed from the tower behind the domain to the domain a couple years ago.

  6. Hey game spot man
    I was playing botw and I discovered that if you go in a hot source in death mountain, you are fire proof for 20 seconds

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