23 Minutes of MLB The Show 22 4K Gameplay

Watch as the Oakland Athletics take on the San Francisco Giants in the Battle of the Bay in MLB The Show 22 on Xbox Series X.

Get a glimpse of over 20 minutes of gameplay in an epic struggle between both teams at the Oracle Park in San…

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  1. It's the exact same game as the one you bought last year..Am I the only one not delusional here????‍♂️..I would definitely sell you guys some fresh knockoff Nikys (Nike) cus I know you'll buy them

  2. Matt Vasgersian commentary is way better. Another Weak Reheat by The Show Devs. Good thing it's free on gamepass

  3. Refreshing that someone would simply put game content on YouTube rather than talking all over it (complete with cheesy sound effects). In other words, putting themselves over. Thank you so much for this. Also I know a lot of people aren't pleased with the commentary. I think it's pretty good, actually, though it's a small sample size. I

  4. The Asian Chinese Priest is fired. When the fathers are already married , there is no other family. Don't ever talk about my family life ever again as a police officer. I agree to arrest you with real terrorist.

  5. I genuinely can’t see a different between this and the last few years iterations. The 4K Resolution they’ve touted is there but with no advancement in the ‘graphics’ of the game means that there is no strong use of the next gen hardware (aside from ballpark creator). And the lack of a consistent 60fps is jarring with those stutters. Glad this is on game pass tbh. Would have hoped for this game to come to PC so that the modding community can do what they do best

  6. Does anyone else feel that the new pitching style is way more difficult than 2021? Or was it always like that on PlayStation and they just changed it for Xbox players this year?

  7. We need to have a good baseball video game like 2K7 and 2k8 oh my gosh that was the best baseball games ever!! 2k please save baseball

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