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WWE 2K22 Review

Like other sports game franchises, the WWE 2K series has consistently put out a new game every year with minor changes and an updated roster. But then WWE 2K20 threw the franchise off the rails, earning scathing reviews from critics and getting labeled as one of the worst-reviewed wrestling video games ever made. The backlash to WWE 2K20 was so significant that 2K Sports decided to cancel the planned WWE 2K21 and allow the development team to focus their efforts on WWE 2K22 instead.

WWE 2K22 is a massive step forward compared to the disastrous WWE 2K20, so it seems the extra development time genuinely paid off. It feels like much more than a simple roster update, with new game modes, new controls, and a vastly improved visual presentation that blows all previous WWE video games out of the water.
WWE 2K22’s new control scheme is simpler than what’s come before, but anyone having trouble can get up to speed with the game’s helpful, quick tutorial. On Xbox, the X button is for light strikes, while the A button is for heavy strikes, and B is used for grapples. Players can use different combinations to perform different moves, and these buttons are also used for counters. While Y is the main counter button, if players can properly guess and time their opponent’s next attack by hitting the same button as they do, they have another chance to counter. The new controls help the game feel more fast-paced when compared to its predecessors, with the more complex moves made much easier to pull off thanks to on-screen prompts and by having less complicated button combinations.

The only real issue that WWE 2K22 players will run into with the new controls is when they’re playing gimmick matches with weapons all over the ring. The left bumper is used to pick up weapons, but it also triggers wrestlers to grab the ropes and perform other actions. WWE 2K22 players will sometimes find it difficult to pick up objects in the ring,…


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