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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong | New Gameplay Today

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is an upcoming narrative RPG set within the cult tabletop universe and looks to be one of the more promising game releases in 2022. In this episode of New Gameplay Today, join Alex Van Aken alongside Kimberly…

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  1. For those curious this isn't the sequel to Bloodlines but a spin off by the devs of The Council, many elements from that game are seen here such as using certain actions will use more of your skills if you didn't invest in them and at the end of each level segment the game has the same results screen showing off alternative paths suggestions.

  2. You guys need to re-evaluate your approach. Your brand is not sexy enough. . .i know that sound stupid, but you are just not appealing at all. Your need to re-staff with people more like Alex #1. Nobody besides him actually seems like someone i would ever want to hang out with. These two come off as people that would rat n you if you tried to smoke 1 behind the dumpster at lunch.

  3. She is very suspicious of killing a victim without letting him live. This isn't an act of an anarch type who takes out of a witness in the scene, this is an act of Camarilla's rival who seeks the throne (A.K.A. the prince) of power to take control of the state.

  4. Also, how come they just didn't use the old ways of being stealthy or tell this person to either stay in the bunker until you retrieve the person's clothes to impersonate an officer. And he could just find a way to shut down the electricity box and choke old everyone in the house without causing death in the game.

  5. The premise sounds interesting, but the facial animation leaves much to be desired, especially in a dialog/close-up heavy game like this, which is a pity.

  6. I thought Kimberly said "console" (three times) when the word is "council". I put on CC and even the captions read it as "console". I mean accents are accents and all but console is a far cry from council. It's not a big deal in the scheme of things of course, but I'm just saying, when you're in the business of talking about people's products for a living, maybe pronunciation is a useful skill.

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