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Elden Ring’s latest update improves PS5 and PC stability, playing Destiny 2 on Steam Deck may get you banned, and Apex Legends is now playable on Steam Deck.

Developer From Software has released a small update for the game in the form of patch…

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  1. Now, that the Steam Deck is out and getting into people's hands, hopefully, this will force more publishers to make their games compatible with Steam OS/Proton sooner, rather than later? Although, while some claim it's due to technical incompatibilities (that are partly true), some of it has to do with (not) giving Valve a cut if they host the game on Steam e.g. Epic doesn't want Fortnite on Steam, because then they'll have to pay a cut to Valve. So, don't expect FN any time soon… Even if they claim it's for technical reasons.

  2. Digital Foundry saved me from throwing 70 dollars down the hole. There's no viable excuse to not hit a consistent 60+fps in today's generation of technology.

  3. Thank you Xbox VRR for making the Elden Ring problem unnoticeable. my friend and I are enjoying. Also got Elden Ring on Ps5 but haven't touched it yet.

  4. Definitely some red flags with hardware monitoring in most open world sections culling issues 50% gpu spikes at draw distances when paning players FOV, low utilization of vram cpu scheduling loading assets geometry textures, shader comp etc.

  5. Good to hear about the patch improvements, I lowered the settings on my pc but all that resulted in is made the graphics worse, the framerate wasn't any better. Hope this is the one.

  6. I'm sceptical about epics reasons why egs/fornite are not supported, they use the same anti cheat system as apex if I recall, may be their's is slightly different/more advanced but I bet it's more to do with the fact that the egs collects data from you and this would not fly on Linux or would be much more evident and easy to stop

  7. Games media: Silent over Elden Ring problems after giving it 10/10
    Elden Ring gets patched
    Games media: download the new Elden Ring patch! Hurry! Fast! It vindicates us of our complete incompetence and shameless shilling!

  8. I had severe issues with Elden Ring (stuttering, fps drop) on PC. I low the resolution (sad on a 2080), and it's "ok". Less drops and stuttering, more playable.
    But when I plug any device for charging (wireless headset, cell phone, controller), oh god, that's unplayable.

    That game was clearly develop for consoles. That "version" is just a (poor) port of the game. But for obviously the same price.
    To exit "correctly" you have to return to title screen (like if you had to press PSbutton/Xboxbutton, and load another app), not very "windows friendly".

    In which life the button to open the map is not the same as the button that close the map?

    Anyone tries with mouse/keyboard? ? My experience was awful.

    Very sad because the game is incredible.

  9. Geez gamers nowadays are too much demanding, instead of respecting the developer who has made a great game, they still trying to find something to crying about, they made this game with their heart & passion in it, yet people still complaining about single drop fps

  10. Weird im running this at 1440p with some low settings but mostly high and performance is great. There were a few slow downs at the start but that was due to my pc putting everything on high. But after reading posts and messing with the settings its been nothing but wonderful.

  11. I’ve had no problems with elden ring on ps5 it even does better on ps5 than it does on my series x. Yes I bought the game for both consoles and it runs better for me on ps5 than Xbox series x

  12. the dumb thing all they have to do is tick a box before compiling there next update and it will be compatible with the steam deck os and linux, as there protection system have added this option.
    they would have the same protection as windows would, so there hack works on window it will also work on linux? because that the only way that would work.

  13. Well, that's definitely not enough. The next gen versions still do not run at a stable 60, and I doubt that new patch will change much in the PC version as well. It's also ridiculous that the game is fixed to 60fps max on PC to begin with.

  14. After the patch my Elden Ring still crashes every few hours, crashes my browser reliably every time I try to use while the game is running, randomly loses mouse focus in fullscreen and often doesn't accept input commands. Game of the year.

  15. What about the thousands of people in SEA region who received a Chinese version of the game instead of English and Sony refuses to refund. How about a simple patch for us? "acknowledging the problem" doesnt fix anything From Soft.

  16. Yay update broke a lot in my game on pc, mine was running fine before, now the NEW update crashes my game constantly and cant wear certain armor cause ill crash when i equip, way to go

  17. Most people will not notice any changes after the patch. Inorder to truely test the patch you can either try reinstalling the game or updating the graphics driver, both of which reset the shader cache. So you see it's not a problem for people currently playing and over 30hrs in the game but for someone who has just booted up the game, it would be sorta unpleasant I believe.

    As for myself, after testing the pirated version and confirming how well it runs, I have decided to refund the game and wait for a year or two until it's like butter. Until then I'm playing DS3.

    Any advice? I'm a newbie to DS3

  18. Make English available in Asia !!! please, as a major gaming media why did none of you mention that problem? All previous Fromsoft game had English available before Elden ring

  19. A patch to fix the softlock in elden ring if the game crashes when using the forge so you dont get the warp to farum azula would be nice…. me and a TON of others are locked out of the end of the game because we cant warp to farum azula.

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