Until Dawn Successor The Quarry – What You Need To Know

Supermassive Games announces The Quarry, Elden Ring gets a Thomas the Tank Engine mod, and Elden Ring sells 12 million copies. 

The Quarry is a  “teen horror” more in line with what players saw in Until Dawn. The game focuses on a…

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  1. I'm hoping The Quarry is not only as good as Until Dawn, but as good as, or even better than the recent Dark Pictures Anthology, games. It's cool to be living in a time where these kinds of narrative games are more mainstream than when Until Dawn, premiered.

  2. I love story games that are like a movie. until dawn / life is strange / walking dead cannot wait for the quarry! Im suprised its not called until dawn 2

  3. It’s fun to be afraid when you know the thing you fear can’t hurt you. It’s thrilling to test that limit and learn about what scares you. I find it interesting to analyze the source of fear. It also helps you understand what you should really fear in a real-world situation and therefore not overreact (or under-react) when it actually happens.

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