Tunic Review

Tunic harkens back to the 16-bit era with a challenging adventure full of discovery and wonder.

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  1. Aww man, it's a Soulslike? I enjoyed Elden Ring, but I really don't enjoy many other games of the Souls-like subgenre. I might end up skipping out on this one. Soulslike games are a HARD sell to me. The instruction book is a really cool mechanic though.

  2. Tired of hearing Souls like. Its difficult ,not souls like. Can't be the only person tired of hearing this newly made up genre. Make a new one Ghost n' Goblins like. Cause its hard.

  3. I wish xbox made it possible and practical to record and upload gameplay like playstation does ☹ id love to play n record this one so bad.

  4. I have every AAA title released this year so far on all platforms and pc… Most i pick up and play few hours, see what they're about, and don't try again. Being 44 now, I grew up w/ original NES. This game truly does capture the magic of that era and original Zelda, the need to explore and see what is next; and it does so, in a clean, thoughtfully designed manor, discarding unnecessary bloat, while maintaining fun fluid gameplay. SO many games today just pad the experience, force you through so much exposition, busy work and b.s. Perhaps fun for someone who has 40 hrs to dump on a single title, but for someone who just wants to have fun playing a video game without it being a chore, this game nails it. I never post on game reviews, but so happy w/ this one felt the need to support the developer and sing it's praises.

  5. An isometric game that borrows elements from franchises such as Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls, while also having an aesthetic similar to Wind Waker… count me in!

  6. This game is awesome. My Xbox version of Zelda has finally come. Thanks for the tip at the barn fire. I wonder what the claw item was for. I love this game

  7. This game has been a joy to play. I had no idea it was anticipated by so many people, I downloaded it to just pass some time and ended up finding my favorite game of the year so far.

  8. For having completing the game just yesterday, if you want to try this game out I have only one advice to give you all: Don't spoil yourself at ALL. The real experience of this game come at his best while you have absolute no clue of the game, while also, if you get stuck, don't go on the internet to look for a anwser to where to go. You are mean to search and figure out everything by yourself. Yes you will get stuck and will maybe get skip important key item or moments, but once you get it, you will feel a real sens of accomplishement that the game is looking out for you.

    P.S: Don't look for any clues of golden path on internet. Found it by yourself, it's a blast to figure out.

  9. This game made me rage SUPER hard…,after only getting a stick to fight OP people was evil. Looked cute and stuff but not for me.

  10. Good review, I felt so proud when I deciphered that instruction manual “increasing your power” thing, the reviewer did a good job beating that first boss without the upgrades, i haven’t gotten there yet but it looks hard and I bet is very challenging with no upgrades

  11. This game deserve a 10 imho when u know that the Genius who made it was alone and did it mostly by himself, i would be xbox i would hired this dude to do sequels .

  12. you only lose 20 coins max when dying. near the end game this is a very small amount of money. You made it out to be that you lose everything

    Also I turned on no fail mode and it did stop achievements despite what you said. I picked up the sword and nothing.

  13. This game is so great. I'm loving it. Kudos to the developers. I don't really play video games much anymore, this made games fun again

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