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Tunic Review

Seven years ago, developer Andrew “Dicey” Shouldice announced an upcoming Zelda-like isometric adventure game called Tunic. Featuring an unnamed fox hero, Tunic resembled an animated picture book and quickly drew the attention of gamers looking for a nostalgic trip back to the days of the NES. Tunic has finally been released on PC and Xbox consoles, but there are a few caveats players may want to take into consideration before setting out on their journey.

Tunic’s simplistic, colorful, and charming visual presentation will immediately draw players into the world, enticing them to poke their heads into every corner and uncover secrets. In a recent Game Rant interview with Tunic’s developer, Shouldice stated that it was this “feeling of wonder and exploring the unknown that I wanted to capture.” Mission definitely accomplished, as the game is masterfully designed to conceal passages and treasures in plain sight, with some paths almost Escher-esque in their arrangement.
Tunic doles out its secrets gradually, reserving some facets of gameplay for discovery as the game progresses. Just when the player thinks they are nearing the end, they wander into a new area and find more tasks to complete. Many players will feel glee and maybe a little pride as they locate a well-hidden shortcut around a group of tough enemies or stumble upon a nearly invisible path to a cache of gems. Treasure chests, upgrades, and even entire dungeons are the rewards for observant and curious gamers.

The skillful art design extends to the game’s protagonist and enemies, who would all sell well if reimagined as stuffed animals. Tunic’s style will appeal to almost everybody, young or old, with its cutesy and simplistic design, vibrant colors, and tranquil music. The game truly is a gem for those with the patience to push through to the end, but some may be surprised at how difficult the game can be. Players should not let the…


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