Triangle Strategy Review In Progress

Triangle Strategy strips away some of Final Fantasy Tactics’ systems while adding extra nuances of its own to make a unique homage.

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  1. I love the heavy dialog. Enough games lack story its nice to have one that finally offers meaty story and narrative. The game also has its own identity. It doesn't have to do things the same way other SRPGs have done it. That's what makes it unique, and boy does it work. This game is 🔥 🔥 🔥

  2. I get the strong feeling that this reviewer wanted Final Fantasy Tactics 2.

    Which I'm sure everyone playing this would like but ultimately it's a different game from a different developer and for me most of the streamlining is welcome.

    If the reviewer had played Octopath Traveller they would've seen these character and equipment design choices coming a mile off.

    Additionally that heavy early dialogue emphasis serves a purpose, the game is built on making decisions. Decisions that are informed by the story, it's kind of necessary to the plot.

    A good review though but slightly wide of the mark in terms of the reviewer expectations.

  3. I actually like the unique characters over the customization of the job system. As it’s more balanced this way and increases the connection to the characters. Dialogue is great for those who like story. If you don’t like beefy story and character building then go in understanding there is a a very large narrative.

  4. If this review was an excercise in how many times the reviewer can repeat the same criticsm without sounding lazy or vindictive, guess what, he failed.

  5. I like the narrative and dialogue… it allows you to get invested in the characters. Too many games today have a barebones story with barebones characters.

  6. The Original FF Tactics was very political heavy too, and to be honest this story is just as good if not better. I do agree that I wish there could be more customization in your units though.

  7. Ocotpath Traveler review: Players don’t interact with other characters enough.

    Triangle Strategy Review: Too much character dialogue between each other.

  8. I wish it was like Tactics Ogre. That had unique characters but also the classes you could hire and recruit. The customization is also way better in TO:LUCT

  9. There are a couple of things that a lot of tactical strategy games get wrong, even FFT, that I wish would be addressed. From the demo (I have yet to buy the full game), as well as the reviews I have seen, it would appear that TS also makes these same mistakes:

    1. Grinding should never be required. I say this because every TS review I have viewed so far mentions that grinding is more or less essential. I only played the demo, so it is hard for me to argue for or against this.
    2. Experience should be shared across the entire party, even those characters that may not have participated in combat. It is simply not fun to have lesser used characters fall behind, which then requires some sort of grinding/babysitting in order to bring them up to a helpful level. To make matters worse: Often times players continue to neglect a character because of the level gap (which was caused by initial neglect).
    3. Related to the above point: The idea that there are characters you can ignore, to the point where their strength/experience falls behind, is a turn-off. Each character should be designed in a way that makes them relevant in each battle. This could be accomplished, for instance, with a class/job system allowing characters to be more diverse. Perhaps provide a mechanism where a character can switch these roles, or weapons, mid-battle (with some sort of cost of course).

    That said: I really do like the battles in this game and the UI does a great job in removing some of the tedium of a strategy game, such as: Highlighting a preferred target of a skill; Not targeting friendly units in the area of effect; Showing which grids are safe to stop without fear of an enemy attack; Showing which enemies, specifically, can target you at a given location.

    In general: TS seems to address some of my common concerns with these games, but, at the same time, I still feel there are a lot of areas that could be improved upon. Given that, I will probably wait for a sale.

  10. Love everything aside from the english voice acting delivery. The dialogue is fine, but the voice actors are so one note and have little to no range in emotion. I also feel like British Voice Acting for that time period wouldve been a lot better as well. The gameplay is great, hard is pretty challenging but not overly punishing. I love that you can grind very little to keep all your units up to the recommended level without feeling like you are gonna over level and stomp the story maps. Theres a ton of quality of life features that just add the cherry on top. I personally love the game, just hate the voice acting.

  11. 4 hrs on the game. So far so good. It starts slow but definitely pulls you into the story once you figure out what the game tries to do. A lot of dialogues so I play just 1 or 2 chapters at a time. Only downside is that the music is kind of just mediocre. It's not bad by all means but definitely not great especially when compared with Octopath Travelers.

  12. I hope he knows that if you cursor over a tile with no one on it and press “y” it will show the turn order on all units by placing a yellow number on each of them showing the order. This makes it way easier to see the entire order at a glance. It also shows how many turn points each unit has.

    I feel like that may have assuaged his issues with the turn order counter at the bottom of the screen. It’s a much more streamlined option imo. Try both tho and see what you like.

  13. This was a very poorly done review. Too many comparisons to other games and also presenting things like difficulty in over leveling the story missions as a negative. Also, talking about things like the “supposed” branching story. Did you try other paths with alternate save files for this review to see how much the story branches? Did check new game plus to see that they start showing you conviction point values?

    This was a disappointingly poor review from Gamespot all around.

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