Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Review

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is an easily digestible adventure with fantasy flavor, but this Borderlands spin-off struggles to find its own identity.

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  1. I very much enjoyed the first Borderlands game. I’ve tried to play most of the sequels, but I’ve run into game-breaking bugs quickly in each of them and grown tired of dealing with. This game seems fun, but I just don’t have the fortitude to try to play it after so many misses.

  2. The reviewer seems to have never played D&D. There's no D22, and I've seen sessions go from epic high fantasy fun to bickering about personal problems quite a few times.

  3. How do I become a reader of someone elses reviews for gaming channels… That sounds like a great gig… Prolly can't feed your family, but still … Seems like a cool way to make some money

  4. 3 is just objectively better in almost every way when it comes to gameplay, but it absolutely pales compared to 2's dialogue and environments, especially the dialogue. 3 does have nice environments too, but that voice acting… It's just so bad, and this just looks like glorified DLC.

  5. These comments are terrible. Don't buy the game. Simple as that. The people that think this is a reskin are the same people who played through BL3 once and claimed they "finished it." Also apparently BL3 was a horrible game?? No clue what game you guys were playing. It was a phenomenal looter shooter that I put 100s of hours into across multiple characters and playthroughs. Wonderlands is gonna be the same in that regard.

  6. Love Borderlands and Borderlands 2 but absolutely hate Borderlands 3. Hope this is more like Borderlands 2. Hey Gearbox, put in Duke Nukem as a hidden playable character.

  7. I just wish my game didn't freeze when I try to turn on "online gameplay";…. you know, that rare feature that not many users will be interested in? Like playing with other people? (I can play all my other games online, but Tiny Tina's online connectivity is broken.

  8. "There's tonal whiplash that you'll have to deal with regularly as the game repeatedly shifts from lighthearted fantasy fun to bickering party members dealing with personal issues that threaten to derail the entire tabletop session"

    Sounds to me like they perfectly recreated what it's like playing D&D then.

  9. !!!!WARNING!!!! Do not get this game if you intend to do any split screen whatsoever. They have decided to cut down the UI during split screen to such an extent that you cant even tell if a gun is an SMG or Pistol, there is no flavour text saying what kinds of alternate fire there is or anything beyond damage/fire rate etc. spellbooks (grenades) are the same and only have core stats leaving you to have to inspect every individual item just to find out what it does beyond core stats. even class items….nothing, It is completely unplayable. Please upvote this for visibility as I and many others may only buy this on certain platforms because of split screen on the same machine.

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