The Witch Queen Is Destiny 2's Best Campaign Yet (Opinion)

For the first time we have a complete, and exceptional campaign in Destiny 2. It’s latest expansion, The Witch Queen, takes all of the best lessons learned from past Destiny games and offers a campaign that rivals those of Bungie’s classic Halo…

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  1. The only thing with destiny is when they remove something like forsaken new players will not know what is going on when some thing comes up about it like the moon all the boss are form destiny 1 or are not in destiny 2 any more if you want to find out about them you have play destiny 1 or look it up

  2. My only disappointment with the campaign is that we didn't see much of Eris Morn. Considering the lore book where she pretty much says she's going to rip Savathun a new one, gave me strong hints to Eris becoming the Witch Queen as stated in the Dark Future lore book. I would've loved to see Eris struggle with this in the campaign, but other than that Bungie knocked it out of the park.

  3. Let's not forget the character arc of Savathun. And the voice acting! My God the voice acting of Debra Wilson is what made Savathun so compelling

  4. If I buy wtich queen how long will I have it for? Apparently it changes every 3 months and sometimes old seasons get removed?

  5. Yeah but that's the problem that's the only good thing about the expansion the witch Queen is the campaign everything else is too short and too time-consuming. Example look at the whole investigations mystery side quest you have to acquire two weapons of come no pass and tarnation just for a quest up. Also a good thing about the expansion is this whole altar of reflection you learn a lot of backstory.

    Personally the one thing I don't like is the legendary campaign. I feel like it's way too unbalanced it doesn't fit in the current type of players we have in this community, because so many players are used to being overpowered and not being underpowered. I feel like the legendary campaign would be much more challenging if it required you to be 1550 and it had a shitload of Champions.. not to mention the rewards are not even that great because I didn't even touch the legendary campaign and I'm already 1530+ not to mention last week and all three characters I got them all up to 1520 Plus…

  6. Also you can't really say a expansion is good just because it has one piece of content that's good..
    If anything this expansion is maybe a 5 out of 10 mostly because Bungie is doing a lot of things backwards. example they know that players do not want to replay the campaign on all three characters the campaign should be retroactive just like many things in this game. Just like how it doesn't make any sense that any of the cabal seasonal content is not retroactive you have to complete it on each character just to gain access for the dead messenger Quest for each character don't get me wrong this expansion is a good step into the right direction but this problem Still Remains the rewards are terrible.. that's the biggest difference between Destiny 1 in Destiny 2 the rewards were actually worth your time..

  7. Most importantly I don't see you talking about the glitches with Will Spring even if you play it on Master there's always a chance on the offense of rotation Wellspring attack that the orb for the boss fight can fall under the map! This kind of issue should have been patched the very next day the only reason bungee knows about it now is because people told Bungie on Reddit about it this f**** expansion was delayed for a year there's no f**** way that they made any major changes Pierre a lot of these f**** issues would have been noticeable when they were playing the early development of this game. Of course that means if there are even beta test their game

  8. I just tried the first free mission and I was surprised by its length. Also I didn't complete it as my playstyle changed when I couldn't access my original account. Even then actually I was way more reckless than a Hunter should be. It's just instinctive to be lead the charge and embolden my allies to help without voice chat.

  9. Yes, the legendary campaign finally makes D2 feel as challenging as D1. It's a great return to form after the years of lackluster grade C pablum fed to us by Luke Smith. Suffice to say Matter is extremely unlucky to get him at the helm and Destiny is lucky to have Joe Blackburn.
    However, everyone needs to stop pretending the drop rates on crafted weapons aren't a HUGE deterrent. Bungie completely dropped the ball by delaying a fix until the middle of the THIRD week after the problem became apparent to the playerbase.
    I will not be playing more than the bare minimum until they fix it. Bad decisions don't deserve the reward of your time.

  10. I’ve been playing the destiny franchise since ps3 beta all the way through vanilla, taken king I never got to play rise of iron but got told I didn’t miss out on much I came back around a year or so after D2 launched it was super underwhelming I got bored after completing the red war, warmind and curse of Osiris I got sad because I love this franchise it’s one of my favorite MMO’s of all time but since returning around season 10 and completing every season pass up until now season 16 I’m even working on season 16 now as we speak I’m so proud of bungie this game is insanely amazing and has had the greatest comeback ever !

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