Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Review

There’s a lot of meme potential in Stranger of Paradise thanks to its willingness to be aggressively confusing, but fun, varied combat carries its most WTF moments forward.

Square Enix and Team Ninja’s Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin…

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  1. Anyone else getting mad Eurojank vibes? IYKYK. I'm all for make it fun, THEN make it flashy and it sounds like this game went the fun first route.

  2. For anyone concerned about last-gen performance, don't worry. While it definetly runs better on next-gen, it runs fine on my base PS4. Just remember to turn performance mode on and motion blur off.

  3. I just played the demo and the demo crashed on me. I was going to give it a chance but it's looks like Square Enix doesn't want to play there game. How can I trust that this game is good when the demo crashes when you play it.

  4. I think they took the wrong game to actually compare it… I think they should have compared it to Nioh 1 and 2 and those games should not eb considered Souls games but rather its own world of gameplay and such… Because yes they are hard but they ressembled more of the Ninja Gaiden series in difficulty, both NES and 3D ninja gaiden games… I mean even the mission structure and loot system is totally like Nioh…

  5. Why does every game want to be a Souls-like? As somebody who isn't a huge fan of the genre, it's getting a little frustrating too see just every cool looking game being a Souls-like nowadays. I know this is the team being Nioh… but still.

  6. I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy, I have the feeling they wanted to bring the old elements (fire, ice, wind etc) back into play in a meaningful way as previous titles have somewhat pushed it aside. And at the same time they have added the more and more common fast paced action and mixed it all in a blender.
    To me, it looks fun to play, but I can't really understand how bad the story/plot/lore seems to be. I hope I am wrong, but I think it will pan out just as I imagine at this moment.
    I am in love with the Dark Souls series and Elden Ring is a great game, it reminds me a lot of that, but much more linear since it follows a story.
    I just hope they re-visit and tune back the fast paced action when the real FF comes out, so I can enjoy the story they have been so extraordinary good with making earlier, and I am thinking of FF7 all the way to 10 and somewhat 12.
    It kind of lost some of its magic when Lightning came along (13) for me, I dunno. I just never enjoyed it as much since 10 or 12.
    But I will try out Stranger of Paradise, it looks fun to play, and I could be in for a surprise.

  7. The biggest problem the final fantasy franchise has is Cloud Strife. After the massive success of FF7 the franchise slowly but surely began to turn all its protagonists into Cloud clones. FF9-12 escape this faith but since then. Everyone is all moody and emo. Bring back fan light heart protagonists like Zidane and Tidus!

  8. Man the demo is really fun to play but i'll buy it later after finishing elden ring and horizob forbidden west…. and im still playing GT 7….besides next week ghostwire tokyo will be a must buy for i'll wait a sale.

  9. This game desperately needs a new game+ it gave me chaos not being able to rewatch some of those awesome fight scenes and cinematics, I have no issue with the game I absolutely love it

  10. Demo was not good. It’s a repetitive hack and slash. It keeps you in a straight line. No replay value.. and there is no jump… I’d pay no more than 24.99 for this game….

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