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Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin – Is It Worth Buying

Join Reiner and Stadnik as they give you their review impressions of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin and let you know whether or not it’s worth it to go on this chaotic adventure.

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  1. 1:57 LMAO i couldn't agree more about how they met it was so awkward but funny at the same time, my man jack is literally just walking down the street and the two dudes were like "Yo we wanna kill chaos too, we friends?" then they fist bump and are now friends for life, this game is gonna be a goldmine of awkward sh*t and im all for it

  2. i feel abit like most reviewers didnt play through the full game, i do not hear a single reviewer talking about how long the game took to beat, or if there is a ng+ like way of the samurai/strong/demon/wise/nioh like that game, and or if the crafting and end game is any diffrent from the low level game, really wanna know how the actual game is, not the demo part.

  3. I'm not feeling this at all. I know Action RPGs are super popular, but I think the two genres don't mix well. The combat feels generic and lifeless. Devs are more worried about making everything a number's game and focus less on combat animations and environmental interactions. The environment is devoid of anything interesting and there is no atmosphere or mood in the fighting. Just repetitive RPG bs. The graphics and overall presentation look lackluster and feel 2 generations behind. The dialogue is… almost feels like is from an abridged series. I feel like if I was 10 this would look so cool and exciting. Ever since PS5 and Xbox Series X came out, cross-gen games are looking more like PS3 titles. It is really odd.

  4. I love the game but it’s sooo grainy on the ps4 so I’m waiting to see some videos on it tomorrow and see how the full release looks , might have to get it on pc

  5. I can’t even start with how bad this game is for the final fantasy franchise. Major disappointment. I feel dirty after this demo experience. I need to take a shower.

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