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Steam Deck Review, Pokemon Scarlet, and Triangle Strategy | GI Show

Welcome back to another colossal episode of The Game Informer Show! Join us for a fun discussion on our Steam Deck review impressions, our breakdown of the newly announced Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and our early thoughts on Triangle Strategy…

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  1. The Steam Deck is not inexpensive, but in general games cost less on Steam than they do for Switch. Especially if purchased during one of the many Steam sales throughout the year. That alone could change the lifetime cost of the Deck for some people.

  2. Black and White was 5th Gen. The ones with the Ultra Beasts were Sun/Moon and UltraSun/UltraMoon in 7th Gen. Also it's was 5th Gen where they made 150 plus new Pokemon and no old ones until post game and it's sequel. Ironicall, fans reacted negative to this approach. Hence why 6th onwards the series reversed tracks and pander to first gen A LOT, until more recent titles at least.

  3. if they don't spend more than year on it i can't expect the next gen to be good. a year is not enough to make a pokemon game anymore

  4. Everyone says Battery life on steamdeck=bad, on switch=good. But run witcher 3 at same settings as the switch. And switch gets under 3 HOURS.. steamDeck gets more than that.. You mean if you run games at max (something you can't do on switch) then you have less battery than switch? Play games same as on switch and your battery problems go away..

  5. Why you claim the deck to be expensive. I you go for the 399-Tier, it's 50 bucks more than a switch oled. With only one game you'll buy for the switch, it'll cost more then the deck. And on the long rund you gonna save a lot of $ if it comes to game purchases. However, people run arround with a thousand dollar plus phone, so I don't get the point here of beeing afraid of a steal.

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