Starfield Made for Wanderers Episode 2 – Behind the Scenes

Learn more about how Bethesda Game Studios is approaching their latest rich, immersive and compelling RPG experience. How are they bringing their core DNA to the next generation of consoles with Starfield? Get new insights and informaton from…

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  2. Yea i can already see this is gonna fail it just worries me because the next elder scrolls gonna flop as well when these guys are just so out of touch with gaming today and what gamers really want.

  3. Got a series X just for starfield. Didn't realise it was going to be next gen only so went out and got me a series X and officially retired my one X project scorpio edition

  4. Bla, bla, bla.
    We remember the words told to us about Fallout 76.
    It just works…
    Talking is cheap Todd!
    Put up gameplay or shut up!

  5. You know a game is really, really coming out when eight months from launch, the PR consists of a bunch of guys sitting round a table talking for an hour.

  6. I'll believe it when I see it. Especially all this fluff about "choice" when 90% of their previous quests systems very rarely gave you more than 2 if that (Skyrim barely let's you decided any quest outcomes) or was heavily reliant on radiant systems where the "choice" is go to a random location and talk to a random NPC or complete a random dungeon.

    Don't get me wrong I want to be excited but there is a reason people say wide as an ocean as deep as a puddle when referring to Bethesda games as of late. They do amazing environmental and exploration based games but when it comes to actually allowing for the player to have an impact and make complex choices it fails miserably same oft goes for thinking how said worlds are suppose to function. And that's after also dealing with the mountains of bugs they expect the fanbase to fix for them.

  7. Did anyone else find it weird that they are supposed to be all sitting there talking to each other but their answers are all phrased toward the audience? lol

  8. 16 times the detail, rememeber? Remember the promises and what they said to expect about fallout 76? This is a video of a bunch of people whos word is worth less than nothing, telling us about what we can expect from their new game, with no gameplay videos…

  9. This looks and sounds great and I am looking forward to Starfield. I thought the chat was great and was really infectious. Good luck Bethesda. Can’t wait.

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