PS Plus Vs Xbox Game Pass: Price, Features & Games Differences

Sony has finally announced its new version of PlayStation Plus, which combines PS Plus and PS Now into a single offering with additional, more expensive tiers available for those seeking extra benefits. Let’s compare it to Microsoft’s Xbox Game…

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  1. Playstation's offering to compete with Game Pass is an absolute joke, full stop. It's complete $hite comparatively. Game Pass is Still KING

  2. Obviously disappointed about the PS3 games being stream only so I'll probably get the PlayStation Plus Deluxe (Select Markets) For markets without cloud streaming, PlayStation Plus Deluxe will be offered at a lower price compared to Premium, and includes a catalog of beloved classic games from the original PlayStation, PS2 and PSP to download and play, along with time-limited game trials. Benefits from Essential and Extra tiers are also included.

  3. idk about you guys but for someone like me who just has one console or one device to game on, gamepass and ps plus arent rly different at least for ppl in my case, only difference is no day 1 releases but i can wait

  4. PS+ Extra on an annual payment basis is the only tier that’s even in the same ballpark (ish) as Game Pass, and even then, not really? Since they don’t have Day 1 downloadable exclusives etc…? But it sounds decent, and is cheaper than even the cheapest version of Game Pass, so at least they got that.

  5. Easy.

    Gamepass actually offers a lot more for less money.
    You're buying a lackluster emulator with cherry picked legacy titles, the luxury of getting demos from one of the worst companies in the industry when it comes to refunds, and get to pay more than Gamepass; on top of Sony charging more for their games, as well as paid upgrades to their games.

    If you only have a Playstation, I feel for you. They're getting more and more greedy.


  7. Day One is the feature that most seem to be focusing on, but what I'm calling cycle rate is actually what matters here. Game Pass, cycles in a new batch of games every 2 weeks, some of those games tend to be day one. First, 3rd party and indie! And those games tend to do 12 month stays in the service, which PS Now does not. Currently the average in PS Now is between 3 to 6 months. That may change, but that's unlikely. Finally PS Plus and PS Now have a tendency to provide subscribers with the cheapest version( PS4 Version). Smart Delivery always gives you the best version for the platform you're playing on.

  8. What I see in the far far future is as follows:
    – Xbox stops making consoles
    – Gamepass is king, with exclusives growing in quality and quantity
    – Gamepass comes to PlayStation
    – Sony stops making consoles
    – Sony make PS Plus more viable as a subscription service
    – All games are available to play anywhere via the respective services
    – Console wars are fought on PC/mobile

  9. Jim Ryan – President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment – says they can't afford "day one" releases??

    2021 Profits (According to Gamespot)

    Playstation = $24.87 billion

    Xbox = $16.28 billion

    And then, making his pile of BS neck-deep, he also said their gamers wouldn't like it. Okay, will all the gamers that WOULDN'T like to be able to play new games via their subscription service on the same day they are released, please raise your hand. Anybody… anyone… helloooooo…

    Back at the start, Sony's leadership (and loads of their fanboys) totally downplayed and criticized Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass strategy. But after its success, they couldn't "rebrand" their service fast enough. I'm guessing that, after much deserved complaints and criticism, they'll "rebrand" THAT decision, too.

  10. As things stands gamepass is the better deal for now. The new PS plus won't be launching til later, so let's wait what they're offering before judging. I plan on getting a PS5 later in addition to my Xbox series x. If the service is worth it then I'll buy one if not I'll stick offline play.

  11. Not that bad actually. I only have a PS5 and compared to my brothers series s I’m very happy with my purchase. I’ve been a PlayStation user for years so my digital library of games is actually pretty good. I got over 160 games just in my library alone and I RARELY buy games. Last game I bought at full price was Spider man Miles Morales when it FIRST came out and that’s only cuz I’m a hugeeee spider man fan. All other Sony exclusives usually go on sale after a certain amount of time and that’s when I’ll snag it for like 20 dollars or 30 dollars. The new service to me is great because Ima be getting the Extra Tier cuz over 400 PS4 and PS5 games all for 100 a year is great. Idc about ps3 and previous years game because i don’t like nostalgia that much. I just got done playing God of War on PS5 for FREE all cuz I have ps plus, they picked THE best games to put on the “Playstation Plus Collection” of games. All the games have PS5 upgraded features and look and feel like brand new. I don’t think gamepass is that much better than PlayStations offering. The “day one exclusive” have been super Mid games like forza 5 and halo. Those games are mid asf and my brother doesn’t even play those on his Xbox nor does any of our friends or family. Regardless of how u try to shape the narrative, playstation is the place to be at and this new revamped ps plus is gonna make it a even better place to be at

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