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Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin gets a free demo, Final Fantasy’s 35th Anniversary site teases new projects, Gotham Knights gets an October release date and Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp gets delayed.

Sony’s March State of Play is…

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  1. Don’t see the strangers of paradise demo on my ps4 even though it’s here on the ps app, does ps4 get it later than ps5?
    (Edit:) nvm, found it at the bottom of the game page

  2. So again a lot of games announced way too early to build hype for the ps5 and then delayed once again. It’s the new way to market things, announced it way too early and then delaying a few times while if someone complain about it you either « don’t care about crunch or you’re the reason game are released unfinished ». Apparently too much to ask of a studio to be realistic with release windows

  3. I must have missed the Gotham Knights news. I guess I was too busy flipping out over TMNT Cowabunga Announcement. That's awesome it's still 2022 release date. Looking forward to more gameplay

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