Overwatch 2 NEW Developer Update

Watch this new developer update with Overwatch 2 director Aaron Keller, where Blizzard shares new details regarding plans for …

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  1. Meme flag pin. It's all so tiresome.

    Anyway, all their talent has been fired or left. It is absolutely pointless to look forward to anything Blizzard makes.

  2. Overwatch Development team reunion: 'We need new cool stuff for the game, any cool ideas?.'

    Member with common sense: 'Release more maps and modes for PVP, and take our time to polish OW2 PVE?' (gets insta FIRED)

    Member with extra chromosomes: 'Why dont we make a ping system and call it content?' (gets promoted)

  3. great so your going to destroy the game even sooner with the complete destruction of how bastion plays and the removal of like half of the tank units or have you decided to keep the 12 player games cause otherwise d'va, roadhog, wreckingball, are all going to be useless cause who doesn't want a barrier tank.

  4. This is all really positive, but can’t help but feel sad about how hard the ball was dropped with this project.

    Since the announcement of OW2 (years ago) the game of overwatch has suffered, and as such the player base has dwindled.

    That is a scar that will never heal.

  5. If overwatch 2 is a disappointment i will be so mad with the amount of time
    I will give benefit of the doubt since of the terrible people who used to work at blizzard

  6. Blizzard back to milking the cows for some money!!! Cya yall on Overwatch 6 it would probably still be the same game with more skins

  7. In response to the article you COWARDS ran on your website in regards to the supposed "anti lgbt law" what the bill actually DOES is make it so children can't be groomed. Maybe pedophiles such as yourself aren't bothered by that, but most decent parents absolutely DO NOT want their children groomed.

  8. Not excited about OW2 at all. All my mains are getting reworked in such ways that they will lose what makes them fun. Hopefully they keep an OW1 mode.

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