New World’s Biggest Update Since Launch | GameSpot News

New World Heart of Madness update details are revealed, Fortnite leak reveals lightsabers may return and Sonic and Candy Crush collaborate. 

New World’s latest update will arrive tomorrow, March 29. It features the new Tempest’s Heart…

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  1. no build mode is awesome. no more tryhards that panic build to the build limit as soon as they hear a single twig break. Even if they put a cooldown on it lets say you can only build 4 walls, Roof/Floor every 30 would make the game so much better. Ramps has not cooldown cuz you know… reasons.

  2. I hope they make a mode/queue in Fortnite that doesn't allow building permanently. Have it a seperate queue for people who don't like the building aspect. I'd actually play the game….

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