New Witcher Game Announced, Won't Be Epic Games Store Exclusive | GameSpot News

A New Witcher game is announced, PlayStation buys Haven Studios, and Steam Deck gets support for Xbox cloud gaming.

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  1. Everyone please remember how bad cyberpunk 2077 was on release and how they lied to us in the hype build up. Remember this before you preorder the next witcher game

  2. Wonder what will it be about … Maybe a prequel of some sort … not necessarily focused on Geralt, Vesemir maybe? Or a side story focused on Ciri's travels across worlds … Whatever it is I hope It stays focused on what Wild Hunt build, gameplay and narrative wise … no PvP, no multiplayer online, no game as a service, no microtransactions for core game elements, no souls like mechanics, no rogue like dungeons… just a single player classic rpg adventure.

  3. This is all fine and dandy, because Witcher 3 is one of my favorite games. However, after CDPR'S shenanigans with Cyberpunk 2077, I will not be pre-ordering the new Witcher game. I'll let it launch and see where it stands for a month or two.

    I'm still feeling the disappointment with Cyberpunk, having waited for the game for years. Let me be clear that as a person who played the game on a high-end PC, the graphics, performance, and glitches weren't the problem; glitches can be fixed. I mean, when Witcher 3 launched, it was a mess, but they fixed it. My issue with Cyberpunk is that it's not the game they said it would be. It's a little better after more than a year since release but still nowhere close to what was advertised.

    So, with my faith in CDPR shaken more than a little, I will not pre-order the new Witcher. However, I am excited to see another game in that universe and hope it turns out amazing.

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