New PS Plus Feels Boring Compared to Xbox Game Pass

GameSpot’s console crew Lucy, Tamoor, and Jordan, break down why Sony’s new PlayStation Plus tiers aren’t setting the gaming world on fire.

Learn more about what the crew think of this new subscription service from Sony.


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  1. The new PS Plus isn’t a GP equivalent or anything. Sony has said it wouldn’t go down that route and it isn’t. I get it. MS needed GP to get their fans to stay last gen. A few small newgames and ports wasn’t working. MS went with free exclusives day because there wasn’t many or big titles. Forza and Gears were the big 2 last gen. Gears literally won Xbox game of the year it came out because there were no other games. So free exclusives was a hook. Sony doesn’t need that. They have franchises that sell continuously and create new ones that are hits. As for cost they are similar. Sony offers almost double the games for $20 a month. GP w/ Live is $16 a month. GP has 25 mil subs. That is about half of the X1/XSX consoles. That is about one fifth of the total ps4/ps5 consoles.

  2. I find this pretty underwhelming, I will just stick with gamepass ultimate and keep my playstation for if i wanna play their first party offerings when I feel like buying the games.

  3. playstation was always great but sony isnt on anywhere near the same level microsoft. also microsoft owns pc so if u really care about gameing ur going with microsoft anyway, other then some decent exclusives sony basically has nothing going for them rn and even those are apparently gonna start releasing on pc

  4. Even with the ability to play PS3 and PS2 games, they're still running on the original consoles with original loading and graphics, not to mention input lag due to streaming. That is nowhere near the experience you get with Xbox backwards compatibility. Xbox loads them lightning fast, no input lag, higher framerate and much better resolution. Some devs even update the older games to receive 4k textures (Gears Trilogy, Splinter Cell, Force Unleashed all 4k). I was really expecting this with Sony. I would gladly pay to have the ability to play MGS4 or the God of War Trilogy in 4k, faster loading, and better resolution. This is coming from a gamer that still has an original 60gb PS3 hooked up too so I have access to it all. I'd just much rather play it all on my PS5.

  5. PlayStation plus feels flat. We don’t get EA play, no day 1 releases, no cloud gaming on the phone or any tablet. And most importantly, we don’t even know their catalogue

  6. I feel like Sony is happy with how they approach new releases. If you anticipating a new game, you can spend the full price and own it… if not, wait a while, it'll probably turn up in a sale on the Playstation Store eventually.

    Sony's effort at restructuring their PS Plus isn't something they did in response to Microsoft and Gamepass, it was because they were addressing one of their major criticisms, that despite a massive backlog of prior gen titles, very few of them can be revisited on PS5.

    If I am right, the 740 titles will be the beginning and they will start adding more gradually as they optimize the playing experience.

    This may be wishful thinking on my part, but prior to this announcement, they've been advertising the new version of FSR that is compatible with the console… how fascinating would it be if Sony can upscale the resolution and frame rate of all their lastgen library from this service?

    All this to the side, the big question I think we all need to know is…. which games are on this roster? That will make or break the start of this.

  7. I need Sony to define what Game Trials mean. EAPlay allows you to play 10 hours every time they release a new game. Is that what we're looking at here? If so, I wouldn't mind paying $120 per year (the annual price of the PSPlus Premium tier) for that. That will give me PS4+PS5 games, retro classics from the PS1/PS2/PS3 era, and 10 hours of every new PS5 game. Then after you play 10 hours they ask you to buy the full version, perhaps at a discount? I wouldn't buy the full version, but other people would. I'm a patient gamer so I never buy games until after 3 or 4 years after release, by which point Sony might actually put it for free on tbe Extra tier. That would be a great value for me.

  8. One of the better videos this time, Great back and forth from the people and valid points said across the board.
    I would of loved to see a game list even some of the heavier hitters with some niche choices scattered in.
    I am interested to see how it rolls out later in the year though for sure.

  9. I'm not sure what's confusing about this, I think some just don't want to take the time to read the options. It's pretty straightforward, you just don't know what games are included yet.

  10. every game I want won't be in this new stuff. They won't give us Need for Speed Most Wanted and NFSUG2 etc, its gonna be 40 Just Dance titles and no Crisis Core, mark my words

  11. The best thing about game pass is clear rules. You know first party are going in day one so if you sign up for several years you can run the maths over releases in that timeframe you'd play.

    I wish Sony did that here. Even if there's a year lag on titles hitting the service, call that out. Make it clear what titles included at launch and what will be coming, and when…

  12. Great discussion, confusing yes, weird yep, They couldve just done two options, essential and the other one with all the backwards compatible games, but its Sony and its always complicated. Agree with Tam, list of games would be nice, at least it would get more people excited. I guess its a wait and see 🙂

  13. Great discussion, confusing yes, weird yep, They couldve just done two options, essential and the other one with all the backwards compatible games, but its Sony and its always complicated. Agree with Tam, list of games would be nice, at least it would get more people excited. I guess its a wait and see 🙂

  14. Sorry but gamepass suffers from a serious lack of content, to call ps plus a competitor to a substandard service which it has consistently outperformed anyway is a pointless conversation. Day-one is virtually irrelevent when the most you get is one or two first party titles per year at best. Of course it's an uninteresting conversation, there's nothing to compete with here. Gamepass for me is just a gamble as to whether or not those devs actually keep it together or not. Many of xbox's first party dev teams seem to be chaotic at best. There is no guarantee whatsoever that they will deliver anything at all.

  15. Really enjoyed this video, great discussion! Like others I appreciate these guys giving their honest opinions, which is not easy on the internet these days through fear of backlash!

  16. I think the media over hyped this like they usually do. We knew this wasn’t going to have first party day one games. It really does depend on the games. Sony needs to show more.

  17. Playstation is gonna flip on this as they did with the Vue streaming services. They've been a horrible example of how capitalism has been ruining the market for everyday people. First for cable streaming services and now for gaming at large with their unaffordable subscription rates

  18. The reason the announcement came so early without any effort wasn’t for gamers. The blog post was for Sony share holders because it came at the end of the month.

  19. The best thing about Ultimate Game Pass is that they reward you for playing games, and with those rewards you can redeem it for gift cards or renewing the subscription.

    Which I have been paying for UGP for the past 3 years

  20. Hook up your credit card and get Gamepass by the year also adding a Family plan allowing 5 accounts no price yet ?‍♂️ I like the way Sony basically changed nothing from what they've been offering for years with PS+ & PSnow ? you actually get 100 or more games less than currently. There's a reason nobody subscribed to PSnow why is that ? ?‍♂️

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