JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle R First Announcement Trailer

This fighting game based on the popular anime series has 50 playable characters and is set for release in early Fall 2022.

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  1. I REALLY hope they fix how you unlock costumes, I mean I was able to get most of what I wanted but it was way too tedious and it had a timer with limited attempts and the character rewards rotated. They knew they messed up because I remember they updated the timer and the limited attempts to make it easier to get stuff

  2. Ok so basically, I recently started Jojo and ended up watching everything up to the portion of Stone ocean that is out currently, so then today I randomly remember watching a clip of some Jojo video game that looked really cool a long time ago when all I knew about the series was memes. So now I try to find it's name and I see "9 hours ago" under this video. Weird coincidence isn't it? Anyway I am picking this up asap.

  3. I was kinda sad because I thought it would be a new JoJo game.
    But if what people say about all the new stuff is true then I'm happy

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