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I Tested 23 Games On Steam Deck To Surprising Results

I spent 24 hours playing on Valve’s new handheld, the Steam Deck, and tested 23 popular games to see how they run out-of-the-box on the portable gaming PC. To my surprise, several unverified titles run great on Steam Deck, while unfortunately,…

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  1. Skyrim runs better if you enable Proton Experimental, install and enable Feren Gamemode. So the way you install it is by logging out of Steam mode which takes you to the Plasma desktop. Now go to Discover (which is where you install apps and stuff from), install gamemode. Now log out of Plasma, which will bring up the Steam interface again. Go to Skyrim and open up Properties > Launch Options and type in gamemoderun %command%. This will help boost the performance in many games.

  2. the future is looking awesome can't wait to see what a handheld will pull off next gen, or what Nvidia's next chip will do, maybe even in the next Nintendo handheld, super exciting times

  3. According of what i've seen the last couple of days from other channels , it looks like Skyrim and Cyberpunk now can run without problems , so i suposse they have been updated.

  4. It is so crazy that someone spends so much for a steam deck and then so many games either won't work or are not compatible. I guess that is why I game on consoles only.

  5. Quick question, how does raytracing perform? you can enable it in games that support raytracing by setting the launch options of a game that supports raytracing to: RADV_PERFTEST=rt VKD3D_CONFIG=dxr11 %command%
    and then enabling the option in the game's menu (it may not work for all games yet). I haven't seen a lot of coverage talking about the raytracing support (it's still in development, but can be enabled with those launch options).

  6. So basically 3/4th of the games either don’t work or are unplayable.
    There are a lot of optimisations required before steam deck becomes a main line handheld console.

  7. Bruh. No information about framerate, or resolution or graphics settings. Just “runs flawlessly”. Also, using the analog sticks to play a shooter on the steam deck and not trying the touch pad and gyro. L.

  8. The reason that apex and lost ark werent working on the steam deck is because Easy Anti Cheat is entirely incompatible with the deck atm. That also goes for every other EAC game iirc

  9. Cyberpunk 2077 is working again as of yesterday. Also, a quick visit to ProtonDB will save you from wasting your time checking if a game does not work because you can immediately look up if it will run at all. Also, Skyrim SE runs better in Proton than ye olde Skyrim.

  10. For a device where the claim was "play your entire steam library on the go" there seems to be a lot of games that don't work yet.

  11. Cyberpunk seems to be a weird situation, because I definitely saw videos of people playing the game on Steamdeck no problem.

  12. Hey man. I have an unusual game im very curious about. Any chance ypu could tell me uf x4 foundations or x3 albion prelude work? Obviously they would need mouse and kwyboard but im very curious if they work. Thanks man.

  13. The problem with skater xl is that the vanilla physics are dogshit and its a far better game when modded. Hopefully you'll be able to get the unity mod manager working on the deck and get xxl mod and the like running

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