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How To Beat Rennala Queen Of The Full Moon – Elden Ring Boss Guide

In this Elden Ring boss guide, I’ll show you how to beat Rennala Queen of the Full Moon. Rennala is the demigod, or rather has …

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  1. I got worried during my first run when I noticed how easy the fight was at first! Turns out I was right to be nervous because she kicked my booty for 5+ runs after ?

  2. Geez guys, I’ve personally beat her at this point, but I can see a lot of people being totally spoiled by just having this thumbnail and title come up in their feed. Gotta unsub for now because anymore legacy bosses guides at this point and I’ll be having big moments ruined for me before I get there :/

  3. What a timing, i just beat her and this poped up, the fight is easy

    First phase: kill all the enemies with yellow glowing lights

    Second phase: unleash fanged imp sipirits.

    Done you'll win

  4. Instead of a “How to Beat Rennala” vid, can we have a “How to lose to Rennala” vid because she was the biggest pushover since Pinwheel.

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