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How To Beat Godrick The Grafted – Elden Ring Boss Guide

If you’re struggling to understand how to beat Godrick The Grafted, this Elden Ring boss guide will highlight a few strategies and the location of an NPC companion you can call to make the Stormveil Castle boss fight much more…

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  1. i hope this dragon head isnt one of those many cases where a weapon does INSANE damage in the boss' hands but as soon as you get it now it's worthless

  2. Obligatory “git gud” comment. Anyways thank you for helping inexperienced players find the courage and skills to continue enjoying such an amazing game

  3. Legit me and my buddy dual wielded the wolverine bleed claws (don’t remember the name or location lol) and completely obliterated this guy. Nephely was literally there to die for us cause her damage output sucked

  4. I am hyped to get to this fight. I am having so much fun with this game that I don't mind exploring for awhile, leveling up, getting summons, etc. It doesn't feel like a grind to me like so many other games. The setting in this game is just so much fun to explore, it's basically a fantasy post apocalypse that is terrifying and beautiful.

  5. I did this at level 20 strength build with default health and stamina. I did summon the jelly fish to pull agro on the second phase, but if you just learn the attack patterns, its not too bad. Theres alot of sweeping attacks and the shock wave attacks that you can jump over and retaliate with a jumping attack, and if your using a strength weapon this will also contribute to breaking his poise, and you'll be able to do a visceral attack for massive damage. It's not too bad. It did take me like 20 tries but it was doable. Fun fight tbh.

  6. If you're like me and suck at Fromsoft games despite having finished them all, the best offline, early-ish game strategy is to find the Soldiers of Godrick ashes. Nephely is too weak, whereas the soldiers can keep Godrick busy for a few moments longer. And also level up to ~35+.

  7. Here's how to beat Godrick:

    1. Don't try beat Godrick in your first 5 hours of playing Elden Ring.
    2. Level Up. You're playing an RPG.
    3. Git Gud. You're playing a FromSoft game haha.

    People get mad at this but trust me, it'll help you.

    The Main Dungeons and Bosses are much more harder that any other boss you find through the game. After 5 deaths from Godrick you should be able to see through his attack patterns and from them on its just practice man.

    Elden Ring is the easiest FromSoftware game to date. You got jumping, sneak attacks, fast levelling, mass co op, can get OP at any level without fighting any boss running around in your horse hoarding stuff… I mean it doesn't get any better than that in a FromSoftware game.

    Disagree? go play Sekiro then. 😛

  8. I had way more trouble with Margit tbh. Get that Jellyfish summon it will tank all his attacks for you. I beat Godrick on my first try. All you need is preparation. Good luck fellas 🙂

  9. I ran straight to the girl and accidentally hit her when fighting the enemies that followed me into her room and now she instaattacks me 🙁

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