Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Reveal Showcase | State of Play March 2022

Check out brand new gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy in the latest State of Play. Avalanche Software and Warner Bros. Games partner together with PlayStation to showcase over 14 minutes of new gameplay captured on a PlayStation 5.

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  1. I hope avada kedavra isn't a watered down curse that just makes enemies faint or something.. I wanna become a corrupted dark wizard

  2. Looks good. As long as they’re respectful to JK Rowling, whom without none of us would even be here, I’m in. DLCS and live service please. I want constant updates. Quidditch leagues. House champions. Etc. just no co-op. I don’t mind “overall stats” but don’t want anyone in my games at all.

  3. This is what i want for a Witcher game, create your character and pick a Witcher school, have it set as a prequel in the time when Witcher’s were numerous

  4. If this actually releases and actually looks and plays like this…it's automatically GOTY …. To say I am excited is a massive understatement..

  5. How the same darth vader pull move is shown 100 times in one showcase is worrisome, but otherwise excited for this

  6. I have a feeling that this game is going to be very successful. I believe it will be a revolutionary Release for Harry Potter Videogame franchise same as GTA 3 was for GTA Franchise.

  7. I'm loving the way this game looks never thought I'd see another Harry Potter game I'm excited af for it but no 🧢 though the thing I'm not too happy with is the character customization it's so limited I hope there's more they haven't showed

  8. Amazing! I hope they touch on the problems with prejudice that we see in the HP story ark. Conflicts with Dark wizards, pure-blood mania, muggles, and other magical beings. The dark turmoil and parallels to our own world is what made the HP story so good imo.

  9. Team: Okay, the credits are rolling, we need a song, composer don't go too hard it'll be for some secods.

    Composer: playing a piano on fire with the feets and a trumpet on fire with its hands

  10. this game looks so amazing. this is what i expect when we began to tap into nex gen tech and capabilities. im not going to lie, ive been playin elden ring a lot so now i feel pampered with the depth of an open world and this looks like it has the potential to be on the same level. i doubt we'll have as many gear options and im also curious to see how many spells we can equip and use at a time but im very excited for this game. its a must buy for me.

  11. Wow, it looks like it plays better than the one of the older Roblox Harry Potter games. That's a huge compliment because while Roblox might be blocky the person(s) that made that silly game put a whole lot of heart and soul into it to make it fun and true to the books and movies. This far exceeded my expectations and I hope it's very replayable.

  12. It's like skyrim. But instead of medieval age, it's in the late 18 century and the magicians schools isolated themselves from the rest of the world. Making the time cover their existence

  13. I hope the character customization is good, everyone who plays this game is gonna wanna make themselves in the Harry Potter world

  14. The pressure is on they know if they disappoint this fan base they are done but with that said they have shown us what the game will be capable of so let’s hope they do the whole game right.

  15. Features that’ll send this game into Eternal God Tier :

    Dual wielding – either Staff & Wand or Enchanted Grimoire & Wand.

    Mount – Twin-Tail Broom or Dragon (Hungarian Horntail).

    Apparel – Invisibility Hood/Mask (no face no case).


  16. Just remember, if this game is delayed it's OK. We want it to be a good game, we want it to be finished. Let's let them take whatever time they need.

  17. I loved everything that I saw because I always thought Harry Potter and it’s world was a wonderful concept but I really didn’t like the movies but the Lore , the creatures and the magic was very very beautiful so I am all in for this adventure I just really hope that it doesn’t fail me like the few games that had a lot of hype and just didn’t live up to anything

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