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Hogwarts Legacy developers confirm no microtransactions in the game, Hogwarts Legacy is coming to Nintendo Switch, and Valve has improved Elden Ring on Steam Deck.  
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  1. Socio politics should never interfere with gamers enjoying games – they have absolutely nothing to do with each other – people are fkn nuts

  2. ok that's reassuring, but then I really have to wonder why the room of requirement has these mobile game like wait times in the first place, because normally these wait times are made to lure people into buying time savers.

  3. Nope… Not gonna believe that. No microtransaction? Sure. But seasonal pass. Or Slytherin house for DLC as low as $20.

    Get this famous Malfoy wand for $10 if you buy the whole deluxe edition!


  4. So I read the article and all the circular reasoning failed to convince me and such widespread claims of “transphobia” by anyone are just another sad example of hateful, toxic, cancel culture by people trapped, either willingly or ignorantly, inside an ideological bubble. Many prefer to stay in that bubble rather than suffer the onslaught of hate and toxicity should they utter any heresy against the established narrative.

  5. Honestly, I'm not getting my hopes up for no microtransaction. With what they showcased, the game seems to be pretty massive and if they ever add microtransactions in the future, I hope it wouldn't impact the core gameplay.

  6. What I want to know now is what PC platform it will be on. If it's an Epic exclusive I won't be touching it until it comes to another platform.

  7. You can't just throw a dress on and call yourself a chick. The fact that he even had to bring up the article in this video just shows how aggressive and crazy the half-shaved blue haired mob is.

  8. Wow could you imagine a game waiting for you to Pay them through micro transactions to save your characters life lol tf. It's look arcade machines giving you a 10 second countdown before you finally die.

  9. I'm not too worry about it unless it's EA we're talking about. I'm just gonna assume they implement the same mechanic as they do in Dragon Age 3 Inquisition; it has timers to do quest on the War Table with mission timers run in real time, independently of the save file's time. They didn't implement microtransaction elements into these timers unless it's a DLC which is reasonable to pay for any DLC as long as it adds Immersion, story continuation or extra side content that's worth our money. Hogwarts Legacy is an Open World game after all, if they do include timers in this it wouldn't change much. I have confidence that this game will have little to no microtransaction however I'll be keeping my guard up so I won't disappoint myself.

  10. im calling it now:
    game will be delayed
    game will not look how trailer shows
    game will have micro transactions
    game will not be popular once people realize its not Lego Harry Potter

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