History of Borderlands

Few games have promised and then delivered as much mayhem as Borderlands, the loot ’em up from Gearbox Software. With the …

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  1. The borderlands series is my favorite looter shooter. Awesome game play , great story the games run smooth with clean graphics and beautiful art style. Amazing loot system the game is goofy and childish is perfect plane fun really makes you forget how messed up the real world is.

  2. Borderlands 2 is still peak borderlands. It’s the only game I fully leveled all characters, including the DLC characters. However, after playing it for a few hours, I’d say Wonderlands might have the best “gunplay.” The spells replacing grenades and multi-classing are great ideas.

  3. I loved the borderlands franchise, although the presequal was never all that fun in my opinion, my favorite game of the three was the first borderlands game, it sold the wastelands atmosphere incredibly well compared the other three

  4. All the characters are memorable and it was a joy collecting their Echo Logs learning more about them. They had depth and were more than just goofy characters that told jokes. Handsome Jack is one of the most underrated video games villains.

  5. BL1 will always have a special place in my heart. Hearing Welcome to Fyrestone and seeing how barren the Pandora wasteland was really made it clear how alone and dangerous it really was

  6. I love Borderlands… but…. my one issue is the insane respawn rate of enemies (especially when you're soloing)… when you travel from A to B, all the enemies seem to have respawned when you return to turn in your quest

  7. bl3 may have been the biggest and boldest, but it felt a little overly balanced in the favour of the player. BL2 will always have a place in my heart, with its great story and perfect difficulty levels

  8. Nice sum up of Borderlands. With that, I just finally finished BL3 and its definitely an amazing game, however the villains and story is forgetful. Also, just started Tiny Tina and its pretty badass.

  9. To be honest I loved battleborn ,It came out with much More content than overwatch(story,game modes, tons of characters and even a story mode👌) they just chose the worst Time to release..also killed It by making It online only. I would be playing still if It had offline mode.🙄

  10. The utter disappointment called Borderlands 3 utterly ruined the entire franchise for myself and many others. An example of how to insult your audience, disrespect beloved characters and make laughably bad story decisions.

    RIP Borderlands.

  11. Man, I wish Gearbox released a spin off story of Borderland with Handsome Jack as the main character. Just like how they released Tiny Tina

  12. BL2 is still my favorite main game. it stands equal to TFTBL for me. I wanted BL3 to be on the top, but I have to admit I was a bit dissapointed in how the story unfolded (no connection with the ending of TPS, and some questions from TFTBL left open)

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