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Halo Series Episode 1 Review – Unmasking The Pilot's Highs and Lows

The Halo series is here, but is it any good? Join the Alexes, Reiner, and Shea on this bonus episode of The GI Show where they SPOIL and recap everything from episode one of the new Paramount Plus show.

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  1. A total joke and even told to gamers ahead of time they won't be using the games to guide them in the series. Hollywood tries its best once again to ruin something that should've been a gimme.

  2. I think it's looking great!!! Been wanting a solid live-action Halo for a while now and I'm glad they decided to go with the series instead of just another shit movie

  3. I liked it. To the people that don’t, cool. Your opinion is yours and you’re entitled to it. Don’t be an insufferable nerd who goes out of their way to try and make sure that no one else can enjoy it.

  4. The Mass Effect easter egg heard over the transmission was cute, mentioning a Commander Shepard and the Scyllian verge

  5. Their bullets actually do “suck”
    The UNSC’s weapons aren’t standard firearms that’s always been in the lore in the manuals even and a major reason why fighting against the Covenant was a losing battle for 20 years.
    And that quote was completely out of context, the show runner was saying that when he met with 343 they talked about the whole world and lore beyond just the games. Because the games overall for the world are so small in terms of what we see vs what exists etc.
    And Shea was right, that’s how the “smart” AIs like Cortana in Halo are made.
    Halsey actually made several clones and took their brains to make Cortana in the games.

  6. Would have been nice to start with a non-spoiler section where you could have just given your general thoughts on the show, where it fits in relation to the games (adaptation of one the game's stories, set in the same universe, completely its own thing?), whether you recommend it, is it good for fans, is it good for people who know nothing about Halo etc, and then go into full spoiler discussion.

  7. You guys should’ve done research. There were humans in the lore that were covenant sympathizers. It’s something that’s explored in the books. And enough of the whining about him removing his helmet. This is a tv show not a first person shooter. There is no narrative reason for him to not be allowed to remove his helmet.

  8. My biggest problem is not the show itself, but with Paramount +. (I'm in Canada and options for Paramount + are limited compared to the US) First there is no app neither on my xbox nor my LG TV, so I had to watch it on my PC. And the streaming quality is abysmal. I must be around 720p. I have 0 problems with other streaming service. It's complete garbage, there is no other way to say it. I actually enjoyed the episode itself, but I'm seriously considering just waiting for a release on physical media to watch it all because right now, for me, it's absolutly horrible.

  9. Next lets race swap a black character like they did with captain keyes and see what happens..enough with the woke shit from hollyweird.

  10. Smart AIs are made from human brains. She's cloning herself to make the Cortana AI using the clones brain. That's what she did in the books.

  11. I couldn't watch the whole episode. The only character they didn't butcher beyond recognition was Halsey. The Spartans looked bad when moving around. And they changed kind of major things in the canon for no good reason. I knew it wasn't going to be perfect but good lord it was awful.

  12. I found the action a little stop and go with the spartans. They go from moving really slow and static to 100 max speed a lot between scenes. It is really a bit odd and halting, it doesn't flow. If you play the games you are moving at a near constant pace through combat unless you are recharging shields in cover or looting. It just feels like each scene is a scene and not one continuous battle.

    I feel the insurgents were a little on the nose. A bit too direct talking about the spartans at the card table, a bit too weak in combat against the elites. I mean, quan's dad had a friggen grenade launcher and a minigun but didn't manage to do anything with either. It just trivializes the threat of the Insurgents, like if they are such pushovers why the fuck are the UNSC so scared of them?

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