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Rockstar Games is launching Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on March 15. Here are all the new details from the Rockstar blog post about the new versions. 

Today the dev revealed new details about what to…

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  1. Do we know if we have to migrate our online characters right away? Like what if I want to start a new character and maybe migrate my other one later

  2. If you guys wanna see a graphical differance with the new gta 5 graphics.

    Just compare it to the cgj trailer that rockstar showed off for the very first trailer for gta 5.

    Yes that trailer was cgi… you can totally tell…

  3. If it was free I might have played the game again, but FT too many good games that I have not put 100s of hours into already.

  4. Its 10 bucks. Not as bad as most people were screaming it would be, basically the same as all the other 'ps5 upgrades' we have seen so far.

    This price seems to be only for the first year, then the price goes to $40.

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