GTA V Next Gen – Everything to Know

After almost 10 years, Grand Theft Auto V has made it to another generation of gaming with the launch of GTA V on PS5 and Xbox …

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  1. I don't know why we needed an Xbox series S? It's like having a last gen bottleneck throughout the generation in my opinion.

  2. I bought the 20 xbox series x version when I pre install the game it’s saying gta online and makes a gta online icon in my games. It’s 87gb is that the full game or will the story be more space tomorrow. I have the Xbox one version on my hdd and that’s 95 gb. I’m a bit confused.

  3. So can next-gen PS5 GTA Online players be able to play with PS4 players? Or are the PS4 and PS5 versions of GTA Online made to be considered games entirely?

  4. Story seems made for 3 player drop in/out co-op. That would for sure bring me back, or if they planned to add Liberty City down the road. Or maybe just overhaul GTA Online so it’s state of the art and just add story & multiplayer content for another 10 years.

  5. ROCKSTAR: We don't care that we are making people buy the game again, we don't care what people THINK about us. We KNOW they will will buy it!! Muhahaha

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